Post-porno Abstraction, Amsterdam. The term post-porno abstraction refers to a specific series of my work, presented fot the first time in London, but its meaning has a wider connotation. It's a kind of synthetic realism, opposed to the one dimensional pseudo-reality consumed on the mass-media. Both are virtual constructions, but with a different purpose. Virtual reality is not a completely new henomenon, due to its technical innovations. Virtual reality has its origin in the mind. We don't need computers to create it.
The goal of the true artist is to constantly recreate reality.
And to astonish him or herself in the first place and afterwards the public. The task to destroy the stereotype and and to renew our vision of the world. Post-porno abstraction is synthetic realism for the beholder. It is not irrational, but accepts the surprises of chance and circumstances. Post-porno abstraction is virtual realism with the delicate and vulnarable skin of individual life. Thats why it is painterly. It invites you to realm pure observation. Frank Gribling        
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