Hoe word
ik spion?

How do I
become a

with an
appendix on

of distance


In 1999, the Golden Boulder was awarded for the first time by City Thoughts Foundation, Amsterdam, coordinated by Frank Griblink. The Golden Boulder Award is a memorial to the late Elly Vossen (1948-1998), in her lifetime an inspired artist and inspiring teacher at St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in Breda. The first winner of the Golden Boulder is Daniëlle van Zuijlen, who attracted the attention of the jury by the way she structurally ordered natural matter in a visually convincing way. Now, two years after her stay in Le Tech, and whist continuing to develop het art in Glasgow, she is ready to show the results in the City Thoughts Gallery, in the autumn of 2001. This publication is made possible by the Sanssoucis Foundation.translations: www.how-do-i-become-aspy.co.uk

Contributions by Bart Lodewijks, Lianne de Bruijne, Marjo Knapen & Arthur van Zuijlen, Marlijn Lodewijks & Wiesje Peels, BIOP and an essay by Francis McKee.