Artists often believe in the existance of a common mentality which unites across borders. False or true, this can give a powerful impetus to creativity. This is the reason why City Thoughts, a foundation dealing with interaction between artists, is proud to present a case of intercultural affinity, revealing the special nature of the eye of the artist. Christine Koenings, a visual artist and filmmaker, experimented for some years with sequences of drawings on big scrolls.
During a visit to India, where she did research, she discovered by accident the scroll paintings of the Patua's.
She recognized in the Patua's fellow artists with a typical artistic mentality and a bohemian lack of care for the
social conventions of the surrounding society.
This book has been published on the occasion of an exhibition, organised by City Thoughts Foundation, Amsterdam, 1992 in which scroll-drawings by Christine Koenings were shown together with het collection of scrolls by Patua painters of Bengal, India.

ISBN 90-8002888-2-2      € 10,-