Post São Paulo is the kick off in a series of E-Correspondences by which Citythoughts reports from the frontline of present-day global urbanization. Citythoughts correspondent Aura Luz Melis looks at Sao Paolo as a laboratory of urbanism. Urbanism without Urbanists! Without urban planning - at least as we know - São Paolo grew in a century from a small provincial town on the outskirts of the western world into a primal economic center and one of the largest urban agglomerations on earth. ? What are the mechanisms behind this enormous growth? What is it like to live and work in this extreme chaos with more than 17 million inhabitants? Will there be a future for this mega city in the post industrial age? Is São Paolo a decaying remnant from the past century or is there a new life in the era of information technology? Born in Caracas Venezuela, Aura Luz Melis is accustomed to the chaotic life in the Latin American metropolis. Nevertheless - as she reports in her first message - São Paolo exceeds all experiences and expectations. Aura Luz is staying in São Paolo for six month on behalf of an exchange program between the University of Technology Delft and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paolo. Her studies in São Paolo are focussing on both actual urban problems like the integration of the favelas (Shantytowns) in the city and the history of urban planning in Brasil that she compares with Venezuela and the other Spanish colonies. Aura Luz Melis is going to mail regularly about her life and work in São Paolo. In her reports she will combine historical research on the city with observations on topical matters. Because this is the first Citythoughts E-Correspondence we are very curious to the results. We belief E-correspondence is an appropriate way to investigate urban conditions and developments because of the possibility of rapid response - in image and text - to current matters and questions. Post São Paolo is meant to be interactive. So please react on the reports and participate in the discussion.